UPDATE: Several members of the Indiana Tea Party have written to say that they oppose Tony Bennett because of his support for Common Core standards. Jeb Bush supports Common Core, so of course, Tony Bennett supports them. And so do the Jeb Bush “Chiefs for Change.” But the Tea Party does not! Read the comments. The Tea Party supports local control.

So, let’s say that Tony Bennett’s desire to take control of local districts is just a power grab by a far-right politician.

Tony Bennett (not the singer) is State Commissioner of Education in Indiana.

He follows the ALEC/Jeb Bush script in everything he does.

Vouchers, charters, reducing or eliminating standards to become a teacher, for-profit schools, for-profit online “schools.”

Whatever ALEC wants, Bennett delivers.

He recently announced that he wants the power to take control of entire school districts, if in his judgement they are failing.

He says he believes in local control. He doesn’t.

He believes in power.

He believes in privatization.

Thats part of the ALEC script too.