A story in the New York Times says that the e-corporations are salivating over the Common Core State Standards.

They foresee the opening up of a multi-billion industry, with more tests, more online resources, more stuff to sell to schools complying with the Common Core.

The standards are indeed a boon for the edu-biz entrepreneurs.

It turns out that Joanne Weiss, chief of staff to Secretary Arne Duncan, was right when she predicted that the standards would open up vast new markets. She wrote:

The development of common standards and shared assessments radically alters the market for innovation in curriculum development, professional development, and formative assessments. Previously, these markets operated on a state-by-state basis, and often on a district-by-district basis. But the adoption of common standards and shared assessments means that education entrepreneurs will enjoy national markets where the best products can be taken to scale.

I mean, truly, isn’t this why we actually have a federal Department of Education, to meet the needs of American industry and to open up public education as a prime marketplace where entrepreneurs can pursue new business opportunities and make money?

Remember that as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s vision when he signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in 1965, authorizing the first major program of federal aid to schools? No? Well, how about when President Jimmy Carter pushed to create the Department in 1979-1980? Not then either? Hmm.