Campbell Brown, as we have recently learned, doesn’t like the teachers’ union.

She wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal asserting that the union protects sexual predators in the classroom.

She thinks that the arbitration process, by which an accused teacher gets a chance to defend against accusations, is rigged to favor the union.

She thinks that when the union and the New York City Department of Education jointly agree on the name of an arbitrator, the arbitrator will be biased in favor of the union and will seek to please the union by protecting sexual predators.

She doesn’t explain why the NYC DOE is so easily duped by the union. Why don’t the arbitrators want to please the NYC DOE? They are so weak, so vulnerable, so powerless; after all, they control only a $25 billion budget and the lives of 1.1 million children and 80,000 teachers.

This teacher, whose tweets I follow regularly, decided it was time to explain why Campbell Brown is wrong.

He is a man who teaches in an elementary school and he doesn’t like her smearing him and other teachers.

He will not be silent in the face of this relentless teacher bashing campaign, which seems to have lots of traction in the media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch.