Education Reform Now, a corporate reform group funded by Wall Street and other financial elites, is now involved in the Chicago teachers’ collective bargaining issues. ERN spent millions in New York state last year to attack teachers’ job protections. In the linked article, the group says it is not coordinating with the Mayor’s office, but this seems unlikely as its robo-calls are parroting what the school superintendent has said publicly.

Teachers must struggle to maintain their salaries, their pensions, their academic freedom in district after district. But the big-monied supporters of corporate reform can parachute into any district and bring millions of dollars to attack the teaching profession and to advance the privatization agenda.

Isn’t it strange that you never see a group like “Education Reform Now” or “Democrats for Education Reform” or “ConnCAN” or “50StateCANN” advocating for smaller classes or more librarians or a reversal of budget cuts.

I might begin to think they wanted real reform if just once in a while they supported something that benefited hard-working teachers and community public schools, and not their self-interested agenda of privately-managed charters.