Since the arrival of Superintendent Mike Miles a year ago, the Dallas Independent School District has been in constant turmoil.

Of course, Miles wanted it that way, as he is a Broad-trained superintendent and he apparently believes that disruption is good.

He started off with ambitious goals, some of which seemed wildly unrealistic, including a goal that by 2015, 75% of the staff and 70% of the community would agree with his vision for the district.

In his year on the job, seven of his top staff resigned, and nearly 1,000 teachers quit. Just this month, another 300 resigned.

The district sent letters out to 150 other school districts urging them not to hire the teachers who left DISD, trying to get them permanently blackballed from teaching in Texas.

Miles is under investigation for interfering with bidding for contracts and with internal audits.

To add to his problems, some of the city’s business leaders have expressed no confidence in his “disruptive” leadership style.

And now he has announced that his wife and son are moving back to Colorado to get away from the negative press about him.

A reader of the blog sent this private email to me:

“Not only is Miles under investigation for corruption, cronyism, and contract bid rigging, now, after leading DISD as a little dictator with a management style characterized by morale crushing fear, intimidation, and bullying, he is demanding that other Texas school districts not hire the DISD teachers he has run off. DISD plans to report those teachers to the Texas Education Agency for them to be sanctioned which effects their certification.Miles has worked tirelessly to make the lives of DISD teachers so miserable that no one in their right mind would want to stay at DISD, Anyone with a better option would be a fool not to take it after experiencing Broad Foundation management. These efforts are designed to replace veteran teachers with low salary TFAs. Miles is reviled and hated by ALL teachers. None of his ‘reforms’ help kids. Miles’ reforms were designed specifically to dump additional work on teachers while doing nothing for kids in order to intimidate and exhaust teachers with the goal of running them off. More teachers were run off than expected leaving DISD with an extreme teacher exodus making fall classes untenable. Miles is toxic, his reforms are cancerous. He drove away so many teachers that now DISD is in a precarious situation with school starting in less than a month and no teachers to staff the classrooms. The sooner this guy goes along with his reforms the sooner DISD can get back to the work of educating kids.”