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How delightful to see Peter Greene quoted in Esquire in an excellent column by Charles P. Pierce.

Pierce writes:

“​Campbell Brown used to be an anchor at CNN. Campbell Brown is now married to Dan Senor, the former official prevaricator for the Avignon Presidency’s excellent Mesopotamian adventure and a mysteriously popular television commentator on events far out of his depth. Campbell Brown also has taken it upon herself to be the latest rich and (semi-) famous person to parachute in and destroy the idea of public education. (And when the history of the Obama Administration is written, its willingness to go along with charter-school grifters at the behest of Arne Duncan is going to be a very big debit on the ledger.) Campbell Brown would like the Democratic candidates to come to an event she’s having and debate about education. So far, as Peter Greene reports via Diane Ravitch’s most excellent blog, the Democratic candidates have told Campbell Brown that, sorry, we all have unbreakable oral surgery appointments that night. Brown blames the teachers unions, which is not a surprise. She blames a teachers union every time a cloud passes in front of the sun.​”

Wow! Our new Secretary of Education-designate founded a charter school in Massachusetts called Roxbury Prep.

John F. Lerner went to the state website and compiled graphs that show the suspension rates and attrition rates for Roxbury Prep.

Do you think these tactics will close the achievement gaps?