I don’t know who wrote this song, but it is terrific.


You don’t have to live in New York to get the insanity of rating teachers and principals by test scores. Follow the singer as he explains the bureaucratic rabbit-hole that he falls into as he tries to comply with a state law that can compete with anything in “Alice in Wonderland” for sheer nuttiness.


Follow the the song and see if you can figure out what all this mumbo-jumbo jargon has to do with children or education. And the kicker is that teachers in charter schools are exempt from the maze of regulations that every public school teacher and principal must comply with.


By the time the song concludes, you too will sing, “APPR is how we rate, teachers in New York State.”


Towards the end, you may recognize Carol Burris, the principal who led the rebellion against APPR.


And you will surely recognize John King, soon to be Secretary of Education, who loved APPR.