Stephen Ruis asks the question that is the title of this post. I appreciated this post because I often get tweets that claim the Bible as the source of the right to bear arms. Lots of people think that God wrote the Constitution or at least the Second Amendment. I think of Jesus as an exponent of peace, love, forgiveness, redemption, and non-violence. I can’t imagine him blessing an AR-15. Or blessing someone who uses an assault rifle to slaughter innocents.

Ruis answers on his blog:

If there was ever a reason to oppose Christian nationalism, it is the confounding of Constitutional rights with what are supposed to be god-given rights.

Arm yourself. Exercise your God-given rights. Carry everywhere you go. (anonymous gun rights supporter)

Where in the Bible does it say that we have a god-given right to bear arms? In the Old Testament, the Hebrews were bearing arms all of the time but that was at the order of their leaders, so that was military service, not walking around the neighborhood rights.

New Testament fanboys go to incredible lengths to disavow Jesus telling his supporters to sell what they have to buy a sword (Luke 22). Since this doesn’t appear in the other three canonical gospels, it gets only one vote out of four for being an honest quotation. In any case, there are many other citations disavowing violence by Jesus.

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