Last year, the Florida legislature, acting on Governor DeSantis’ behalf, dissolved the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a special arrangement created by the legislature in 1967 that allowed the Disney Corporation to take responsibility for all public services. It was punishment for Disney speaking out against DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. Disney was acting at the behest of its employees. The dissolution of the special district meant that the counties where Disney World is located would be saddled with $1 billion or more of new taxes to pay for services and bond debts. That was politically unacceptable.

The legislature fixed the problem by leaving the special district intact, but putting it under the control of a new five member commission, called the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. DeSantis is empowered to appoint all five members. Surprised? He chose loyalists for the board, people who share his views. Most are either big campaign contributors or Christian nationalists or both.

One of the five commissioners, Ron Peri, is a Christian pastor who leads a group called The Gathering. He is known for his hostility to homosexuality. He recently warned that drinking tap water might turn you gay. This is very alarming because most Americans drink tap water. Is he shilling for the bottled water industry?

Another appointee to the new board is Bridget Ziegler, founder of Moms for Liberty and wife of the chairman of the Florida Republican Party, the same guy who advocates eliminating the Democratic Party in the state.

Will the DeSantis board act as morality police? Will they scrutinize and sanitize every exhibit, show, and performer at Disney World? Will gender-neutral bathrooms be eliminated? Will tourists be required to display their birth certificates on entering a bathroom to ensure that they are using the gender assigned at birth? We will see.