During the election campaign, I gave money to candidates in races across the country. Every time I made a donation, my email was passed along to other candidates, who passed it on to other candidates.

Every day, I had 10-15 apppeals for money, sometimes more. I learned to press the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email or to write STOP on text messages. But other candidates quickly sent new appeals.

Here are the kind of apppeals I hope never to see again:

“It’s all over.” Please send money.”

“We are falling far behind.” Please send money.”

“It’s hopeless. Please send money.”

“I’m a sure loser. Please send money.”

A notice to all candidates: I never contribute to sure losers. An appeal based on pessimism and despair is a complete turnoff.

Please send future messages based on hope and optimism. If you tell me your campaign has already lost, I will not send a penny and I will block all future emails from you.