I started this blog in April 2012. At the time, I wanted to spread the word about the dangers that were looming via a coordinated, well-funded attack on public schools and the teaching profession. The blog was my medium for awakening the public and educators.

Each time, I reached one million page views, I would announce it. Page views are recorded each time someone opens the site. Some people log in more than once a day.

I just checked and discovered that the blog has been opened 40.1 million times.

Quite a lot of journalists read it regularly. I am guessing that most readers are educators.

I select articles that interest me and try to keep the site lively. On a few occasions, I have featured local stories shared by readers or by my daily reading of many newspapers and magazines, then discovered that those stories got national attention.

A note to readers: I read every comment.

Thank you for your attention, your time, and your participation.