I was shocked when I heard that Josh Shapiro endorsed a voucher bill for Pennsylvania. His opponent is an insurrectionist who was in D.C. and a QAnon nut. Why did Josh pander to Republicans?

I wrote him this letter at contact@joshshapiro.org

Dear Josh,

I was so excited when you won the Democratic primary for Governor.

But when I learned you support vouchers, I was shocked and disappointed.

Research shows that kids who use vouchers fall behind their peers in public schools.

Vouchers will send public money to religious schools that discriminate against children with disabilities, children who are LGBT, children who don’t share the same religious faith, children with low test scores. SPrivate schools choose, not families. Public schools belong to everyone and are not allowed to exclude children.

Democrats support fair and adequate funding for public schools.

Why do you support vouchers?

Diane Ravitch, Ph.D.