Chris Rufo is the rightwing propagandist who has made it his mission to lead the charge against America’s public schools, the schools that educated 90% of the American people, the schools that educated “the greatest generation,” the schools that have enabled people of different races, religions, and ethnic group to join together as one people.

Rufo wants to destroy public schools and replace them with publicly-funded school choice: religious schools, private schools, homeschooling–anything but community-owned and community-led public schools. He wants your public dollars to pay for religious schools that indoctrinate children, for private schools that discriminate against the children they don’t want, and for home schools where education is defined by the knowledge or ignorance of parents. He actually doesn’t care about education at all. He doesn’t want to see young people inspired by knowledgable teachers. His goal is destruction.

He wrote in a recent tweet (@realchrisrufo):

We’re building the narrative that public schools are translating the principles of academic Queer Theory into the K-12 curriculum. Our Portland story generated 25+ million media impressions this week—and we’re going to drop another story every Wednesday through September.

Rufo adds a graphic in which he accuses the Portland, Oregon, school district of indoctrinating students to become LGBT activists in kindergarten through fifth grade. Sample: “Latest: They’re Teaching Five Genders in Kindergarten.” And, “In Portland, the Sexual Revolution Begins in Kindergarten.” Rufo is quoted on the usual rightwing websites and has appeared on FOX News to spew his message of hatred for public schools.

Someone on Twitter referred to Rufo as “the American Goebbels.” I wonder if Rufo knows who that is? He was not well educated. Probably indoctrinated.