Rachel Cohen describes the ubiquity of lock-down drills in American schools. About 95% of schools prepare teachers and children for the possibility of an active shooter. There are a variety of programs and protocols, she writes. Everyone accepts the reality that there are many guns out there and that schools are a target.

Cohen points out that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida did not have active shooter training, and many students were in the halls, increasing the death toll.

But others worry that millions of children are traumatized by drills that pit them against an intruder with a deadly weapon.

Read her article and be amazed at the extraordinary lengths we have to go, the burdens we inflict on children, the commitment of time and resources—because our Republican members of Congress refuse to ban and criminalize weapons of death.

No matter how many teachers and children die, the fictional “rights” of gun owners must be protected.