Women’s rights are going backward, in the United States and in Afghanistan.

Susannah George writes in The Washington Post that the Taliban have ordered women to wear clothing that completely covers their face and body. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court plans to prevent women from exercising control over their own bodies, the first time in the nation’s history that the High Court has removed a right from anyone. Zealots, zealots, everywhere.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Muslim women in Afghanistan must cover from head to toe in public, according to a Taliban ruling announced Saturday, its latest move to constrain the lives of women since taking control of the country last year.
“This is not a restriction on women but an order of the Quran,” said Akif Muhajir, a spokesman for the Ministry of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, referring to the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law. “It is the order of Allah and the prophet Muhammad.”
The Taliban’s treatment of women has been a key point of contention as the group has pushed for formal international recognition and increased aid money to address the country’s spiraling economic crisis. When asked for greater engagement with the Taliban, the international community has repeatedly requested a demonstration of greater respect for women’s rights, among other things.