Arnold Hillman and his wife Carol are educators who retired from their workin Pennsylvania and moved to South Carolina, where they continued to work with impoverished high school children in underfunded rural schools, but as volunteers. Arnold writes a blog, which I urge you to follow. He was astonished, for example, when the Governor and Legislature forbade the public schools to impose mask mandates. He thought it was crazy. what sane person would fight measures to protect public health.

In this post, Arnold looks at the salaries of sports announcers. Not the players, but the people who talk about the players. Then he looks at the salaries of cable news talking heads. Then the coaches of professional sports teams and a few successful actors.

All of these salaries are in the millions of dollars.

Then he notes the average salaries of teachers, nationally and in South Carolina.

We pay for what we value.

Something is screwy here.