Nancy Bailey, expert blogger and retired teacher, was outraged that the Biden infrastructure plan omitted the $100 billion that was promised to renovate and repair school buildings.

She writes:

Our public schools should be safe, welcoming places, that support the work of teachers, cherish students, and provide a climate and atmosphere conducive for learning.

Our public schools should be the pride of our nation!

We are all to blame for not caring enough to demand great public schools for all of our children, a huge equity issue! Wake up to the fact that children, mostly poor, in this country are attending dangerous school buildings that could make them sick.

Read the rest of her plea for safe, welcoming buildings.

And consider this: In Finland, architects compete to design beautiful school buildings. When I was there, I received a coffee-table book displaying the most outstanding school buildings in the nation. Why do we neglect the spaces in which our children spend hours daily and are expected to learn?