Bob Shepherd, resident polymath, has been a teacher, a textbook writer, an assessment developer, and a curriculum writer. I am grateful that he shares his thoughts on this blog on a daily basis.

He recently wrote a post about the Republicans’ obsession with critical race theory, which turns out in most states to be an effort to suppress any discussion of racism, past or present. The war on CRT is an effort to censor teachers and college professors and to make sure that they eliminate any unpleasant or downright disgraceful aspects of American history and society. To teach accurate history, it now seems, is “indoctrination.”

Shepherd writes, in part:

It’s another example of the same phenomenon that occurred a few years back when red state Repugnicans started passing ludicrous legislation against teaching Sharia Law in K-12 pubic schools, even though no U.S. K-12 Public School ever did this, not one. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.. The whole business reminds me of when a Flor-uh-duh Mayor issued a proclamation banning the nonexistent medieval bad boy Satan from her town. (Yes, this actually happened.) However, the latest wave of legislation is much, much worse than was that nonsense, for it attempts to ban any and all informed teaching about the history of race in America. It is Thought Control legislation that attempts to dish up for kids a mythologized history that serves the ends of white supremacists, and CRT in K-12 public schools is just the fabricated excuse for this.

BTW, if you are a Repugnican all worked up about CRT, consider this: 

Why this particular obsession with what is obviously a phantasm? 

Why does CRT in K-12, of all things, which doesn’t even exist, get your panties in a wad, but not, say, the facts that if you are black in America you will pay more for the same house, get paid less for the same job, get a stiffer sentence for the same crime, and on and on and on and on? These are examples of SYSTEMS in America that are racist, of Systemic Racism. And we won’t fix these and other similar problems until we face, squarely, our execrable history and the execrable current state of affairs. You might also want to ask yourself, Karen or Chad or whoever you are, why you are all worked up about the same stuff that works up overt, declared White Supremacists and Nazis. You are concerned about the same stuff that matters to ACTUAL NAZIS. Think about that. Think. Think for a freaking change.