Minneapolis prides itself on its charter schools, despite the fact that they are highly segregated by race and ethnicity. They enjoy the support of the city’s elite, who defend segregation as “culturally responsive.” Years ago, a reporter from Bloomberg News toured the city’s charters and said that it felt like the Brown decision overturning segregation had never happened.

One of those segregated (“culturally responsive”) charter schools, created for Somali children, is closing down after years of turmoil.

Eric Rasmussen of station KSTP in Minneapolis said the dysfunction was a decade in the making.

Once lauded for providing an education to children in a historically underserved Somali immigrant community in Minneapolis, one of the oldest charter schools in Minnesota and the nation is now expected to shut down next month.

After plans to abruptly close Cedar Riverside Community School were announced last month, 5 INVESTIGATES reviewed hundreds of pages of reports and complaints revealing its collapse was nearly a decade in the making.

Charter schools have long enjoyed the patronage of influential civic leaders in Minneapolis. Currently there is a movement led by charter advocates to rewrite the state constitution’s education clause,