XQ, you may recall, is the organization created by billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs to “reinvent” high schools. Thus far, it has paid out many millions of dollars but produced no results. Perhaps you remember one evening a few years ago when XQ bought time on all three networks to showcase celebrities extolling its ambitions. Arne Duncan is a senior advisor at the Emerson Collective, Ms. Jobs’ group.

Now the Emerson Collective has hired Ursulina Ramirez, who was chief operating officer at the New York City Department of Education.

Chalkbeat reports:

XQ has been increasingly partnering directly with governments to launch new schools, and it appears Ramirez will be part of that effort, drawing on her leadership experience within the nation’s largest school system. Her title at XQ is “head of systems strategy,” according to its website.

Ramirez was a special assistant to Mayor de Blasio before he became mayor. She is not an educator, but that should not be an impediment to building out Ms. Jobs’ vision for an innovative high school.