Congress again gave $440 million to the wasteful and unnecessary federal Charter Schools Program, enabling Secretary DeVos sole discretion over where she wants to plant new charter schools, whether or not the community wants them.

DeVos just handed out $131 million to start new charters. The largest amount went to Texas, which is under heavy siege by national charter chains.

As studies by the Network for Public Education revealed, nearly 40% of the charter schools subsidized by the CSP either never opened or closed soon after opening, a waste of $1 billion in taxpayer money.

The federal Charter Schools Program is a massive boondoggle for the charter industry and a personal slush fund for DeVos. She has given many millions to corporate charter chains so that they can compete with and undermine public schools that are democratically controlled.

In a time of fiscal crisis, why is the federal government paying for a separate system of privately managed schools instead of helping public schools?