The Oklahoma State Auditor released a partial audit of Epic Charter Schools that reveals irregular expenditures.

A partial investigative audit of Epic Charter Schools has revealed millions of dollars in questionable expenditures that will be referred to the FBI, state attorney general and other authorities for further action, state Auditor Cindy Byrd announced Thursday.

“I have seen a lot of fraud in my 23 years, and this situation is deeply concerning,” Byrd said at a news conference. “Our audit is around 120 pages long — so it would take hours to explain all the violations we discovered.”

Epic spent $203,000 from Oklahoma Learning funds to expand its brand into California, Byrd said.

Worse yet, Epic founders used Oklahoma school employees to run the California school,” Byrd said. “They used $210,000 of the Oklahoma resources to develop their project in California. And they only paid the money back after our office discovered what had happened.”

Epic Charter Schools also spent nearly $3 million advertising for new students over a three-month period, she said.

To put that in perspective, the $3 million Epic spent on advertising in just three months was enough money to buy 1.2 million school lunches for low-income students, buy 15,000 new Chromebooks, or buy a half-million new textbooks.”

The story offers more details.

Here is a link to the audit.