Capital & Main, a major source on investigative journalism, reports on a dramatic surge in the number of uninsured people in the first three years of Trump’s term. Health insurance was a decisive issue in the 2018 elections, and may be decisive again this year as the number of vulnerable people grows.

Danny Feingold, publisher of Capital & Main, writes:

Capital & Main just published a major news story on the large increase under Donald Trump of uninsured Americans in battleground states. This article, based on original analysis of new Census data released today, is the first to report that nearly 1.6 million more people in battleground states were uninsured during Trump’s initial three years in office.

The data do not reflect the millions of additional people who are estimated to have lost health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our story by senior reporter Jessica Goodheart — co-published by USA Today – reports that Florida saw an increase of nearly a quarter million uninsured during Trump’s first three years, while North Carolina, Arizona and Ohio each saw the number of people without health insurance rise by more than 100,000. Texas had by far the largest increase in uninsured residents, with nearly 700,00 people, while other key battleground states including Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa also saw a significant rise in those without health insurance.