Arthur Camins offers sage advice: Don’t be silent in the face of injustice.

Our nation is controlled by bullies who are looting the wealth produced by others and using State power to instill fear and maintain control. Protest, march, write, call, email, strike.

Do whatever you can. Just do not be silent.

I have a visceral reaction to bullies. A few guys in my junior high school found self-worth in demeaning or hurting someone vulnerable. Occasionally, I was the victim. Some joyfully joined in the mocking. Other kids looked on. Some laughed uncomfortably, relieved that it was not them. Others, like me, kept their distance in silence.

We live in a country dominated by institutionalized bullying and too much silence. The police bully Black people, mostly with impunity. The NRA bullies legislators. The uber-wealthy, their legislative enablers, and their current presidential spokesperson intimidate the rest of us into compliance by instilling fear of unemployment, loss of income, discrimination, and even death.
Overwhelmingly, the recipients of the most vicious social, economic, and judicial bullying are people of color and usually poor.

Stand up to the bullies.

Do not be silent.