Several days ago, I was interviewed by Dr. Randy Tobler of radio station KFTK in St. Louis about SLAYING GOLIATH, which is pro-public school and anti-privatization.

When the interview was scheduled by my publisher, I wasn’t familiar with the station or the host.

As I waited a few minutes for the show to start, I heard an advertisement for Rush Limbaugh, whose syndicated talk show would air later that day.

As a defector from conservative think tanks, I started to worry whether this interview would be unpleasant. I remember years ago being on a talk show in Chicago with a foul-mouthed shock jock and feeling trapped. I remembered a “debate” on FOX with Judge Napolitano and a right wing hater of public schools, teachers, and unions.

As I waited for the show to start, these bad memories resurfaced.

But I was in for a wonderful surprise. I had a great talk with Randy. He told me that everyone in St. Louis is obsessed with vouchers and charters, and he invited me to respond. I learned that his father taught music at a public school, and we hit it off. We discussed the hot topics, and he understood that vast amounts of money are wasted on consultants. He believes that teachers should have more autonomy. I expect he heard that from his dad.

We ended up having a good conversation, and I felt that he was one of the few radio interviewers who actually read the book. I can’t tell you how often I have been interviewed by people who have not read the book. They ask uninformed questions, and it is frustrating.

I enjoyed talking to Randy Tobler.