Politico has done some great reporting about the global pandemic that’s changed our lives. I recommend you read that summary of what we know, what we don’t know.


“We’re not close to the peak. The rate of new cases continues to rise steeply and will explode next week as new testing capacity comes online. On March 12, the U.S. had 1,315 confirmed cases, today 11,723 – that’s a ninefold increase, according to the Covid tracking project.

“— We’re lagging on testing. After the Trump administration promised that 1 million tests would be available, just 103,945 people have been tested so far, up from 9,967 on March 12.
— It’s very contagious. Every person who gets the virus infects about two people, and that’s largely been the case in the U.S., though testing screw-ups are making it hard to track.

“— This is bad and will only get worse. New York’s hospitals said they’d run out of medical supplies in two to three weeks and California’s governor thinks half his population will be infected within eight weeks. That’s a preview of where much of the rest of the country, now in a quiet before the storm period, could be headed.

“— Testing, tracking and social distancing work. South Korea and Singapore have had great success in slowing the spread of the virus by rolling out mass testing, tracking the virus spread and keeping people apart. New cases in South Korea have leveled off. China, which shut down an entire province after the outbreak began there, reported no new cases Wednesday.”