This post is a public apology to Erica Green of the New York Times. She wrote on March 13 that the Centers for Disease Control recommended that schools should close for at least eight weeks. A trusted reader of this blog said that the CDC guidance offered several options, depending on local circumstances. I read the CDC guidance and posted a correction implying that Green had offered the worst case scenario.

Erica Green wrote me directly to complain about my “correction.”

Let me state here publicly and without equivocation that Erica Green was right.

I apologize.

Schools should close for at least eight weeks.

It appears likely, with the virus continuing to spread, that many, most, or all schools will not reopen until September.

No one knows when the disease will subside or be under control.

In the meanwhile, we must all take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Stay home to the extent possible. Wash your hands frequently. Practice social distancing. Be glad we have the telephone, the television, and the Internet to stay in touch with the world and with friends. Send love and gratitude to the healthcare workers and first responders who protect us. This is a time for kindness.