We live in a new age of authoritarianism. Russian sycophants have cleared the way for Putin to remain in power for at least 16 more years.

This from CNN:

Vladimir Putin’s path to an extended presidency is almost clear after lawmakers voted to change term limit rules in the Russian constitution. Under current Russian law, Putin would have to step down as president in 2024, but the proposed amendment would either scrap term limits altogether or just allow Putin to run again, extending his time in office all the way to 2036. Why? The legislator who put forth the measure said Putin’s continued rule would be a stabilizing factor in the country and alleviate people’s fears over Russia’s political future. Putin, of course, approves of the proposed changes. The amendments still face two more rounds of approval today in parliament.

Remember that Trump declared a national emergency because of the spread of COVID-19.

Scary thought: will he use this national emergency to postpone the 2020 elections? Who would stop him?