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  1. dorothy siegel says:

    me, too

  2. Bob Shepherd says:

    I hope to live to see Trump and Miller in the dock at the International Court of Criminal Justice, charged with crimes against humanity.

    Evil. These people are evil.

    • Bob Shepherd says:

      Nazis. Bannon, Sessions, Miller, Trump. Here, the story of how Bannon, Sessions, and Miller found their useful fool to carry out their white supremacist agenda. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/zero-tolerance/

      • Bob Shepherd says:

        This documentary is really worth watching. It details the sickening plot hatched by Bannon, Sessions, and Miller. The whole business with the wall was invented to get the fool, Trump, to remember to talk about the immigration issue, which this sick crew saw as a way to rile up what became their base base. This worked for Hitler, too, creating an enemy in the minds of ignorant, uneducated people.

      • Bob Shepherd says:

        Trump is, of course, an idiot. Jim Mattis said that he has the understanding of a fifth- or sixth-grader. Rex Tillerson called him a moron. But, ofc, Trump makes this obvious every day of his life. He’s profoundly ignorant and stupid and twisted.

        When Bannon, Sessions, and Miller settled on Trump as the candidate to carry their racist agenda forward, they had a problem. The extremely attention-deficit Trump (is this the Adderall addiction?) couldn’t remember to talk about the issue. He would get in front of the crowd and ramble. Then, Sam Nunberg and Roger Stone (the guy currently under the protective wing of Bill Barr) hit upon the idea of making the anti-immigrant message concrete for the moronic candidate–literally concrete–a wall. Trump, who fancied himself a builder rather than as a bankrupter of real-estate operations, loved the idea. It was simple enough for even Trump to understand. It was an idiotic idea, but that didn’t matter. It played to the dormant racism (when I picture this, I think of blowfly maggots) in a truly despicable portion of the U.S. population.

        Watch the documentary. It tells the whole story–how Bannon and Sessions and Miller went looking for someone to carry the racist banner and found him in the racist reality tv show host. How Nunberg and Stone cooked up the wall so that the idiot could remember what to say.

  3. eob72 says:

    Did she have a choice of taking her daughter back to Guatemala with her? Just curious.

    • dianeravitch says:

      I don’t know. I assume not because the families were separated by the U.S. Border Patrol. If the Border Patrol wanted to deport them both, they could have.

    • jacquilenhardt5598 says:

      Yes, they absolutely can take their kids back with them, but the child is the mom’s ticket to the U.S.

      • jacquilenhardt5598 : “Yes, they absolutely can take their kids back with them, but the child is the mom’s ticket to the U.S.”

        This ‘ticket to the US’ was not freely handed out to just anyone. it comes from a mother who cared so much for her child that she traveled a long distance met with all types of hardship. No mother would do that unless her child, and herself, were in danger of being killed, gang raped or starved to death.
        Why is it acceptable to hate such people? They have struggled with things that Americans such as yourself can’t imagine.

        I lived in a third world country for two years and I have been in Guatemala. While in Guatemala, I was warned to never go out at night because it wasn’t safe.

        School buses in the capital city had darkened windows and a car with armed guards following the school bus home. These were safeguards for wealthy people who went to expensive schools and could afford to pay for such a service. One neighbor of a family that I visited for a short time had paid $1 million in random for their daughter…two times. They never got their daughter back.

        I went on a field trip in Antigua and we were accompanied by an armed guard.

        It is a dangerous country and the poor are victims.

        Sept. 5, 2014
        A UN report puts Guatemala among the top five most violent countries in the world, with 40.6 murders for every 100,000 inhabitants. It’s difficult, in this country, to imagine a life without death.

      • retired teacher says:

        There are very few golden tickets to get into the US from poor countries. Our immigration system is broken. Those from the worst countries have to get in a line that is twenty years long, and it is expensive. Marriage alone is no longer a ticket either. There has to be mitigating circumstances.

      • jacquilenhardt5598 : Guess its perfectly okay to put children in detention camps. These children will be traumatized forever. The US is not a decent country under Trump. It has had faults before but this is absolutely abominable. Children should never be treated in this manner. NO child should be taken from his mother or parent or guardian. These places of incarceration don’t have the means to treat children decently. I feel responsible for these children. DON’T YOU CARE?
        FRONTLINE: Kids Caught in the Crackdown
        SEASON 2019: EPISODE 6
        As the detention of migrant children has climbed to record-breaking levels under President Trump, FRONTLINE and The Associated Press investigate what’s going on inside federally-funded shelters — and the lasting impact on children held in U.S. custody. Also in this two-part hour, a report on the sexual exploitation of women and girls in Iraq.


    • jacquilenhardt5598 says:

      Yes, they absolutely can take their kids back with them, but the child is the mom’s ticket to the U.S.

      • Bob Shepherd says:

        This is an incredibly facile answer. In some cases, the parent is being deported back into conditions that are DANGEROUS for the child, which is why the parent left in the first place. And then there are the cases in which U.S. immigration has freaking lost track of the child. And then there are the parents who are forced to choose between being with their child (taking the child back to the home country) or having the child have the opportunities that being in the U.S. affords–safety, healthcare, regular meals, etc., in the care of a relative. A heartbreaking choice.

      • retired teacher says:

        Trump is eliminating “chained migration.” This is the same type of immigration that brought Melania’s parents to the US. Hypocrite, much?

      • How about this goodie. People are supposed to apply for amnesty in Guatemala and not be killed while waiting. Amnesty is an international right but Trump is above the law. Does anyone know of an update to how this monstrous law is being handled? Before this law, anyone applying for amnesty HAD to be on US soil.
        Trump says agreement reached with Guatemala to restrict asylum seekers
        July 26, 2019

        Donald Trump announced Friday that Guatemala was signing an agreement to restrict asylum applications to the US, a move that immigrant rights advocates said was cruel and unlawful.

        The so-called “safe third country” agreement would require migrants, including Salvadorans and Hondurans, who cross into Guatemala on their way to the US to apply for protections in Guatemala instead of at the US border.

        It’s not yet clear how the agreement would take effect. Guatemala’s constitutional court has granted three injunctions blocking its government from entering into a deal without approval of the country’s congress.

        The announcement came after a court in California blocked Trump’s most restrictive asylum effort to date – one that would have, in effect, ended protections at the southern border.

        Human rights groups condemned the latest move on Friday, with Amnesty International saying that “any attempts to force families and individuals fleeing their home countries to seek safety in Guatemala are outrageous”…


      • retired teacher says:

        Trump bribed Mexico to stop the flow of migrants. He is likely bribing the leadership of Guatemala to do the same.

  4. eob72 says:

    Did the mother have the option of taking her daughter back to Guatemala with her when she was deported? Just curious.

  5. It is SO sad to see innocent people being denied even the touch of their children. How sad to deport a mother and the child stays in the US and cries.

    Nobody should be treated this way. Trump is an unfeeling, uncaring, demented want-to-be dictator who is totally ignorant of the amount of abuse that he dishes out daily to someone somewhere. This country will get no peace until he is tried, convicted and put in prison. That is what he deserves and I hope it is what he gets.

    He has had a lifetime of hurting and abusing. It is past time for him to pay for all of the suffering and the hardships that he puts on people.

    [My brother says, “This is the best president this country has ever had.” Fox, Rush and Hannity are doing their jobs of spreading lies.]

  6. “Can this by America?”

    A short question with a complicated answer.

    When billionaires like Bill Gates, Eli Broad, the Kochs and Waltons in addition to faux religions like the Dominionists convincing a corrupt monster like Donald Trump that he is the Chosen One, they started tying America into knots.

    I think we are living through what happens to civilizations before they collapse. The majority of people do not cause the fall, but a few malignant narcissists and psychopaths with too much power do that.

    But the fall of the West will not mean an end to civilization as we know it. The fall of one civilization seems to coincide with the rise of another one on the other side of the world.

    During the dark ages after the fall of Rome, the Tang and Sung Dynasties in China represented the golden age of that country. The Middle East also was rising. Then when the West made a comeback, China and the Middle East fell apart.

    As the West falls, China is rising.

  7. For me this practice is the single worst action by the Trump administration, & I hold him directly responsible. Though some may consider it a tough choice I consider this worse than other destructive things he’s done because it’s a personal, individual cruelty, with an immediate, direct, & devastating effect on the human beings affected.

    Tearing apart families is unconscionable. I’ve been horrified not only at the administration who ordered it & personnel who carry it out, but the callous, even joyful, responses of his supporters who gloat over it, devoid of perspective & human sensitivity: “If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t break our laws”; “These criminals are getting exactly what they deserve.” The thought that there are apparently millions of our fellow Americans who hold these views, with such hatred & self-justification, makes it more excruciating.

    No one who isn’t abusing their kids deserves this.

    • Bob Shepherd says:

      Some of these are just profoundly ignorant and insensitive people. They have no freaking clue what it is like to be a parent in a place where you can’t feed your child and the child is in constant danger and to love that child so much that you are willing to undertake this incredibly difficult journey in the hope that you can offer that child something better. In my book, that’s nobility, and the people who behave in the manner that you describe are complete scum, like Trump and Miller. Lowlife scum. Inhuman. Some subspecies. Jabba the Trump, trailing slime behind him as he crawls over every basic human decency and norm, breaking people as though they were things.

      • Bob Shepherd says:

        Look at that comment, above, by jacquilenhardt5598. Utterly clueless and insensitive. It’s a wonder such people can dress themselves, much less get out and vote for the likes of that filth, Agent Orange.

      • Bob Shepherd says:

        Where does such callousness come from? Is it stupidity, meanness, psychopathy–a complete inability to put one’s self in another’s shoes? It boggles my mind. But evidently, there are millions of such people in this country. It’s disheartening, sad, sick. What the #^$#&&&!!!! is wrong with these people!?!?!?!?! We are talking about parents and their children here, and their love for one another, THE MOST SACRED THING.

      • retired teacher says:

        Immigrants that escape widespread violence are reluctant to bring children back to such a dangerous place. Many immigrants are separated from family for years. Some of the children that get reunited with parents after many years feel as though they are living with imposters. I have heard some united students say, “Who are these people?” One of my high school students considered suicide because he was raised by an aunt, and he disliked his biological parents. We brought in counselors to help the family.

      • retired teacher says:

        This is by far the worst policy of all, scarring children for life! This is a national shame!

  8. Mamie Krupczak Allegretti says:

    I often wonder what will happen when there will be MASS migrations of people all around the world due to climate change, lack of water and food, work, etc. It won’t be pretty.

    • retired teacher says:

      It is already happening in Europe and the US. Some of the Central Americans are coming due to extended droughts, and some African are fleeing to Europe for the same reasons.

  9. Christine Langhoff says:

    This is terrible, but here is a far worse example; a child who is now 17 and has not been reunited with her family since she crossed our border at age 10. She has family, living legally in the US, who have not known whether or not she was still alive. And, you can do math, so you understand that this case began during Obama’s presidency.


  10. Who wrote this? The wording seems quite good considering that Melania doesn’t speak English much better than her husband. She talks about teaching children compassion? Really?

    Melania actually believes that her Be Best can ‘focus on some of the major issues facing children today” and not notice the abuse her husband is putting on children? Children don’t need properly funded schools nor do they need parents who have healthcare, decent paying jobs nor homes. It’s okay to be shot by guns since old man Trump doesn’t believe in any type of gun control. [$30 million given by the NRA] Hypocrite.
    This is ‘news’ from the WH:

    First Lady wins ‘Woman of Distinction’ award
    First Lady Melania Trump was recognized today as the 2020 “Woman of Distinction” from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida.
    “A spokeswoman for the school told The Hill last month that this year marked the first time the committee tasked with selecting honorees chose a first lady for the Woman of Distinction recognition since the university began the event in 1991,” Aris Folley reported.
    The First Lady spoke about her work to promote the well-being of America’s children. “Two years ago, I launched Be Best, an initiative dedicated to ensuring that we as Americans are doing everything we can to take care of the next generation. When we teach our children to cherish our values and care for each other, they are better prepared to carry on America’s legacy of compassion, service, and patriotism,” she said.  
    Proceeds from the sold-out event will go to a scholarship fund for female students.
    QUOTE: “It remains our generation’s moral imperative to take responsibility and help our children manage the many issues they are facing today, including encouraging positive social, emotional, and physical habits…”

    Melania Trump
    First Lady of the United States
    The mission of BE BEST is to focus on some of the major issues facing children today, with the goal of encouraging children to BE BEST in their individual paths, while also teaching them the importance of social, emotional, and physical health.

    BE BEST will concentrate on three main pillars: well-being, online safety, and opioid abuse.BE BEST will champion the many successful well-being programs that provide children with the tools and skills required for emotional, social, and physical health. 

    The campaign will also promote established organizations, programs, and people who are helping children overcome some of the issues they face growing up in the modern world.


    • I forgot to mention that we never hear Melania complaining about the children who have been put in cages, detention camps or taken from their mothers. How many children are waiting for amnesty in either Mexico or Guatemala and are in danger for their lives?

      Be Best? At best this is a photo op with no substance.

  11. RT says:

    We have done much worse than this. Today, for example, is a day of commemoration of the Japanese internment during the Second World War. Tomorrow a Cherokee guy will speak to my daughter’s history class. The African diaspora included around a million people forced to go “over the mountain” as the song says.

    There have been worse atrocities. History is littered with them. But that in no way forgives this one. The same good people allowed the parade of horrible things throughout history. Just like we are allowing this to happen, people in the past did not hold political leaders responsible for their crimes against people who did not look like them.

    Do you hear the people sing?

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