Kate Chopin wrote “The Awakening,” a classic of feminist writing. Garrison Keillor wrote about her today in “A Writer’s Almanac.”

Keillor also published this delightful poem today:

Where’s that thing?
by John Kenney

Where’s that thing?
you ask me
looking in the cabinet above the stove.
The new one or old one, I reply,
fairly sure you know what I mean.
Old one.
Under the sink.
It’s not there.
Just look.
I’m looking.
Look under that stuff.
It’s not here.
The other stuff.
Wait. You mean the green one?
No. Blue. I think it’s blue.
Oh. That’s in the drawer.
I checked the drawer.
Did you check behind the plastic thing?
We’ re talking about the same thing, right, the one with the
   weird top?
Of course.
Wait. Here it is.


“Where’s that thing?” by John Kenney from Love Poems (for People with Children).G.P. Putnam’s Sons © 2019. Reprinted with permission. (buy now)