Piet van Lier of Policy Matters Ohio has some proposals to “fix” Ohio’s disastrous voucher program.

The voucher program–called EdChoice–was recently amended to make 2/3 of the districts in the state liable to pay for vouchers for private and religious schools, many (or most) of which are not as good as the public schools. In addition, students who never attended a public school can apply for a voucher, meaning that the program is a subsidy for students already in private and religious schools.

His first suggestion is that the state should create a separate fund to pay for vouchers, instead of taking money away from public schools.

His second is that only students already in public schools should be eligible for vouchers.

He suggests that vouchers should be limited only to low-income students.

And he proposes that voucher-receiving schools should be required to meet the same academic standards and regulations as public schools.

I personally don’t believe that there should be any vouchers. Low-income students do not benefit by going to religious schools. Affluent families should pay for private and religious schools if they want them.

But all of these are good proposals to  limit the damage to the state’s public schools, which enroll 90% of students.