Dr. Fiona Hill, the government’s top Russia expert, was born in England, the daughter of a coal miner. She said in introducing herself that if she had stayed in England, her accent would have marked her and her opportunities would have been limited. She didn’t mention it, but in the US, her British accent makes her sound upper-class, not a coal miner’s daughter.

Her testimony was, to me, the most crucial of the impeachment hearings. She has worked as the federal government’s top Russia expert for both Republicans and Democrats. Michael Flynn appointed her as the Trump administration’s person in charge of Russia, Europe, NATO, etc. When Flynn abruptly left, she remained under the succeeding National Security Council advisors, most recently John Bolton.

Dr. Hill made clear that Russia and its security services attacked our elections in 2016 and are doing so even now. She said that those who blame Ukraine for what Russia did have swallowed Russian propaganda and are repeating a “fictional narrative” that benefits Russia.