I read the following commentary by Bill Phillis of Ohio Coalition for Adequacy and Equity, and it gave me an idea:

The HB 70-triggered chaos continues in Lorain City School District

While state officials fiddle with the potential of repeal of HB 70, Lorain City School District continues to burn.

The HB 70 CEO claimed and then retracted that school employees would not be paid; the Board of Education filed a lawsuit; Representative Joe Miller asked for public records regarding contracts and expenditures; HB 70 CEO makes a request for mediation to the Ohio Supreme Court’s Government Conflict Resolution Services; etc. The chaos is ever present.

State takeover of school districts do not resolve the problem of low grades on the state report card. Poverty is the problem. The delivery of public education programming and services is a function of local communities via elected boards of education. State takeover of school districts would be akin to a federally-appointed commission replacing the functions of state government. That would not sit well with elected state officials or Ohioans.

State officials should repeal HB 70. JUST DO IT!

What if the federal government announced a Race to the Top for all 50 states and territories?

Suppose the feds established certain goals that every state had to meet (percent of population that votes, that has a budget surplus, that is healthy, that pays its taxes on time, that has a postsecondary degree, etc.).

The states with the highest scores win a bonus. The states with the lowest scores are subject to takeover by the federal government and will be run by a federally appointed czar, with all the powers of a dictator.

This may sound far-fetched, but Michigan has done something along these lines when it created state takeovers of financially strapped districts and appointed an emergency manager to supersede all elected officials.

Why not states?

Take it from there.