In case you didn’t open this link in the previous post, David Kristofferson recommends this article that explains why Dutch children are the “happiest in the world.”

Here are three of the six reasons:

1. Babies get more sleep.

2. Kids spend more time with both parents.

3. Kids feel less pressure to excel in school.

To read the author’s explanations and to learn about the other three reasons, open the link.

Here is a 2018 listing of the happiest children and countries in the world.

The Netherlands is still first.

According to the rankings, Dutch kids’ education, their material well-being and behaviors and risks were the best in the world. Their happiness is attributed to a non-competitive, low-stress school culture and a good work-life balance for parents, among other reasons.

Finland is number 4.

Finland was fourth overall but No. 2 in material well-being and No. 4 in education for children. Recently, it was named the happiest country on Earth. What gives? Among other things, their taxation system has narrowed, if not eliminated, a lot of disparity between the rich and poor. And children’s services, including education, child care and health, are well-funded. Men and women are, in general, equal. What’s not to be happy about?