ProPublica documents that Trump has been proclaiming his interest in the Ukraine investigation  on Twitter for months. Why are we surprised when he has told the story out loud for months?

Conspiracy theorists convinced him long ago that Ukraine—not Russia—interfered in the 2016 election, to aid the hated Hillary. He also telegraphed his belief that Ukraine leaked damaging information about Paul Manafort (accurate but that’s beside the point).

Rudy Guiliani’s trips to Ukraine were no secret.

It was all out there.

Why are we surprised?

Trump seems to believe that if you commit a crime, an indiscretion, a betrayal of your oath of office to protect the country, and you do it in plain sight, it’s just fine. If they catch you, your defense of “So what?” is good enough for his fanatical base. This is the base that Trump predicted would not care if he murdered someone in Fifth Avenue in broad daylight.

Will they now tolerate his invitation to Ukraine to smear Joe Biden?