Bill Phillis writes that Ohio’s State Takeover law punishes districts that serve children of color who are poor. The Republicans who run the state do not believe in local control, except in their own districts. Beware! They may come for your district next!

School districts that the state has seized and others it plans to takeover have two things in common: extremely high percentage of disadvantaged students and very low median income

Beware of the state’s motivation for plans to rescue poverty kids. The current statewide, near universal voucher programs were initiated by the “noble” effort of the state to rescue children from the poverty-stricken Cleveland school district. (The State Attorney General argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that vouchers were an escape route for Cleveland children.) Charter schools were initiated as another means to rescue children from urban districts. The state’s “beneficent” effort is now an $11 billion boondoggle that is rife with fraud and failure.

HB 70 is a “virtuous” strategy of the state to rescue children from the boards of education of poverty-stricken school districts. The table formulated by Mandy Jablonski, Lorain County Parents Supporting our Children and Teachers, displays the percentage of disadvantaged students and the median income.

If the state gets entrenched in these poverty districts, the takeover plan will move towards districts that are less-poverty-stricken.


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