Angelica Infante-Green, the new State Commissioner in Rhode Island, plans to take control of the Providence schools.

Providence has a mayor-appointed board. The mayor complained that the union contract made it too hard for him to fire teachers.

Infante-Green has never run a school district. She has never been a school principal. She entered education through Teach for America, then ran bilingual programs in Bloomberg’s Department of Education. She belongs to Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change.

It will be instructive to see what she does to Providence.

State takeover in Rhode Island does not have a good record:

The state has never sought to reconstitute an entire school system, although it did take over Providence’s Hope High School in 2005. The school was split into three academies and showed modest improvements, but it is now back under city control and remains one of the district’s lowest-performing high schools.

The lowest performing district in the state is Central Falls, where the state stepped in and threatened to fire all the teachers.