Education Week reported that Betsy DeVos visited a public school in Poway, California, and the school was asked to keep the visit a secret so that the Secretary would not encounter hostile crowds of protesters, which might endanger the lives of students or staff or DeVos herself. Of course, DeVos was well guarded. She came with her special retinue of U.S. Marshals to protect her. NBC has estimated that her security team will have cost $20 million by September of 2019.

Parents and members of the public didn’t learn of the secretary’s two-hour visit to the district’s Design 39 Campus until after, when Kim-Phelps shared photos taken by Poway Unified communications staff on her Facebook page. A stream of critical comments followed, many slamming DeVos’ support of private school choice.

The big news here is that DeVos actually visited a public school, not a charter school or a religious school.

I don’t think that’s a hopeful sign because she never modifies her views.

But next time she is interviewed, she can say that she has visited a public school and there were no protestors.