Leonie Haimson was not surprised by the collapse of New York City’s Renewal Schools Plan.

His new plan sounds just like his old plan. More coaches for principals and teachers.

”The original Renewal program featured a plethora of coaching of teachers and principals; the new plan will provide “intensive coaching and professional development” for school staff. The old plan offered extra learning time and a longer school day for students; the new plan will do the same. The old plan provided wrap-around services, as will the new plan. The old plan required schools to be trained in restorative justice; so will the new plan. The old plan required schools to use new data tools; the new plan offers data tools — only they’re supposedly better.”

Haimson observes:

No matter what sort of coaching teachers receive, no matter what data analysis is done, results will not improve unless class sizes are substantially reduced. 

“What’s astounding to me is that despite all the apparent obsession with data analysis, no analysis is ever done of these schools’ class sizes, which is the most obvious data to collect and the most important.  For all Chancellor Carranza’s repeated statements that he understands that class size matters, he ignores this critical factor as much as the five Chancellors, all class size deniers, who preceded him.”

Time for fresh thinking?