This comment was posted by a reader who teaches in Tulsa. It was written in response to a post on the blog that Broadies have now taken charge of all the top positions in the District of Columbia schools. The Broadies use unusual titles because they lack the credentials to hold jobs that require certification. A Broadie, for the uninitiated, is someone “trained” in the top-down management philosophy of Eli Broad at the unaccredited Broad Superintendents Academy. They are known for setting high goals and meeting none of them. They are devotees of high-stakes testing and charter schools. They love to disrupt schools and communities. As you will see, when one Broadie gets in, others swarm.


Washington DC – Welcome to my Hell in Tulsa

Superintendent – Deborah Gist – $241,000 + +

Chief Learning Officer – Devin Fletcher – $155,700

Chief Financial Officer – Nolberto Delgadillo – $151,300

Chief Operating Officer – Jorge Robles – $150,000

Design and Innovation Officer – Andrea Castaneda – $136,600

Director of School Talent Services – Coy Nesbitt – $95,230

Director of Organizational Impact – Martin Green -$95,300

Talent Management Partner – Carlos Lopez – $95,230

Design and Innovation Specialist – Joseph Fraier – $93,520

Manager of District Strategy and Implementation – Vanessa Portillo – $93,200

Director – Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention – Quentin Liggins – $105,312

Director of Strategic School Support – Shannon Doody- $90,000

Director of Portfolio Management – Becky Gligo- $90,000