Stephen Dyer, former legislator and current fellow at Progress Ohio, reviews the latest CREDO report on Ohio charters and agrees with the overall conclusion that the performance of these schools is stagnant. A remarkable number are failing.

The Fordham Institute, which gets a hefty rebate as an authorizer of charter schools in Ohio, executes statistical backflips to spin the CREDO report and renew its report for more state funding.

But as Dyer shows, the charter sector in Ohio has an astonishing number of low-performing schools. They are getting better faster because their performance is rock bottom.

If Ohio had wise leadership, it would pull the plug on this failed experiment and not listen to self-interested lobbyists who are paid to advocate for more charter funding. It is his job, so you can’t blame him for trying, but his employer gets a cut for every student who enrolls in one of its charters.

There is good news in Ohio. The number of charter schools is declining as is enrollment in charter schools.