When did Republicans turn against local control of public schools? When did they decide thatstate bureaucracies were superior to elected school boards?


Bill Phillis reports on his blog:


Lorain City School Board President asking the Governor to intervene in the chaos HB 70 is causing in Lorain
When Lorain Schools were snatched away from the elected Board of Education, board members initially embraced the transference in a move to improve educational opportunities. But soon thereafter, they found the “new deal” was a failure and began to push back. Former Board President Tony Dimacchia has been very active in pressing for relief from the menaces of HB 70.
Now, new President of the Lorain Board of Education Mark Ballard has written to the Governor asking for repeal of HB 70. Mr. Ballard contends he is being denied his right to fulfill his role as an elected board member.
Every Ohioan that favors democratic community control of public schools should be lobbying for the complete repeal of HB 70 of the 131st General Assembly.
HB 70 was concocted by a State Superintendent and a Governor, both of whom have moved on. The time is right to rid Ohio of this disastrous policy claptrap.
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