Bill Phillis a a retired deputy superintendent of schools in Ohio. He follows the money and tracks how much corrupt charter operators have diverted from public schools.
Note in the previous article that demand for charter seats has fallen in Ohio.
Bill Phillis writes:
Charter champion Fordham Institute’s spokesman is on a media blitz promoting more money for charter facilities. He is quoted as saying, “They don’t have the money to spend on adequate facilities and end up missing out on things like science labs, and computer centers, and playgrounds, and other things that are incredibly critical and part of the education process.”
The charter sector in Ohio is totally inefficient. In most cases, the charter industry is duplicating facilities that wouldn’t be needed if charter students were attending the traditional system.
The charter industry is notorious for outrageous high cost leasing arrangements that take funds away from charter classrooms. If charters receive more funding for facilities, much of it will be layered on top of the huge profits collected by charter facility companies allied with charter management companies.
Until charters are required to follow the same laws and rules as school districts, not one dime more should be provided to charters for facilities or any other purpose.