Ohio Governor John Kasich once again demonstrates his cluelessness about and hostility towards educators by apoointing four businesspeople to the state board of education. Apparently, there is not a single person in the education field in the state of Ohio whom he trusts to make decisions about the state’s education programs from preK-university.

Kasich appointed a realtor and three manufacturers to the state board. No educators wanted.

Gov. John Kasich named a realtor and three managers of manufacturing companies to the state school board this week, continuing his efforts to make workforce preparation a greater part of Ohio’s education system.

Kasich has made better preparation of students for careers a major goal of his administration, winning on some issues. But he was thwarted on two much-publicized ones – seeking to have teachers spend time in businesses and a bid to merge the state departments of education, higher education and workforce development into one.

Kasich staff had no comment on the appointees, but new appointee David Brinegar noted that he and other new members can bring business perspective to the table.

In the mind of John Kasich, only people who buy and sell things know anything worth knowing.

I am reminded that Governor Kasich once proposed that all teachers should spend time working in a business so that they could learn something about the “real world.” Fortunately that didn’t get passed by the legislature. Some educators proposed that business people whom Kasich admires should spend a month working in a public school to learn about how hard educators work and what kind of problems they encounter every day. They might learn that standardization works for products but not for people.

When he was first elected governor, Kasich proposed to abolish collective bargaining, which passed the legislature. But the unions fought back, called a referendum, and voters overturned the law.

If Kasich runs in 2020, don’t let him get away with calling himself a “moderate.” He may be a moderate compared to Trump (who isn’t), but he is toxic to education, teachers, children, and our future.