Ann Cronin is a retired educator, now consultant, in Connecticut. This post appeared on her blog.

You are familiar, perhaps, with the Ten Commandments in the Bible. If not, refer to Ann Cronin’s post, where she repeats them. She has revised them especially for Donald Trump.

Here’s those The Ten Commandments tailor-made for Donald Trump:

You shall not make of yourself a god, a center of the world, a perfect being.
You shall not make an idol of money by worshipping an arms deal more than a human life and by giving tax breaks to the ultra-rich while denying hourly workers a living wage.
You shall know that words matter and use them judiciously not stirring up mobs by insulting those you present to them as enemies.
You shall honor what is holy. You shall reach out to those who have been targets of homemade bombs. You shall welcome those seeking asylum from violence and death. You shall not separate little children from their parents. You shall try in some small way to remind us of the sanctity of human life, “that reservoir of goodness”, as President Barak Obama did when he sang “Amazing Grace” in Charleston after the shooting deaths of parishioners.
You shall give credit to those who went before you who brought us out of a recession, extended our civil liberties, and enhanced our position in the world because they are upon whose shoulders you stand.
You shall honor innocent life, whether they be hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, children in our public schools, or a college professor from California who comes forward to tell her truth because she sees it as her civic responsibility.
You, who are comfortable with your own adultery and boast of your own sexual assault, shall not demean the pain of those who have suffered sexual assault and shall not publicly humiliate one of the women with whom you committed adultery.
You shall not use the office of the President of the United States to make money for yourself.
You shall not lie further to the American people even though, in your first 20 months in office, you made more than 5,000 false or misleading claims.
You shall control your envy of world leaders who are autocrats, who are not limited by the rule of law, who engage in barbarism, who deny a free press, and who exercise absolute power because, if your envy wins out, our democracy will spiral down into fascism.