Today, pipe bombs were delivered to people and institutions singled out by Donald Trump as targets of hatred.

How many times has he railed that CNN is “fake news?” How many times has he urged his supporters to hiss and boo CNN?

How many times has he made the ridiculous claim that the free press is the “enemy of the people,” echoing Lenin and Stalin?

How many times has he led his followers in chants of “lock her up!!” in reference to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

How many times has he sneered at Rep. Maxine Waters as a despicable person of “low IQ”?

How many times has he blamed George Soros for funding his critics?

How many times has he ridiculed President Obama, whose legacy he envies?

How many times did he throw barbs at former CIA director John Brennan, who accused him of treason for his dalliance with Vladimir Putin?

Is it coincidental that each of these people and institutions received a pipe bomb today?

Former Attorney General Eric Holder also received one, presumably because of his close association with President Obama.

Wasn’t it just days ago that he commended a Congressman in Montana for criminally assaulting a journalist?

Words have consequences.

Trump is encouraging domestic terrorism.

How fortunate the nation was today that no one was killed.

Imagine the terror that would have ensued, the rage, the fear, the chaos if these bombs had exploded and killed some of the leaders of the Democratic Party.

Is Trump trying to ignite a civil war?

Does he feel that the hatred he spews at every one of his rallies is harmless?

It is not.

Words have consequences.

He is a vile and evil man who brings out the worst in everyone.

The sooner he is gone, the sooner our nation will begin to heal and remember that once we had ideals, once we had values, once we believed in something greater than greed and self-aggrandizement, something nobler than racism and bigotry, something finer than white nationalism.

I pray for that day to come speedily.