The Network for Public Education is live-streaming events from Indianapolis. Watch here.

If you weren’t able to make it to Indianapolis to join us this year, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered! Just hop on to the NPE Action Facebook page to catch all of the keynote speeches and select workshops both Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s a schedule of everything that will be live-streamed. Click the “read more” links below for more information about workshops and speakers.

And make sure to use the hashtag #NPE18INDY on social media to interact with conference attendees all weekend!


8:00-9:20 – Diane Ravitch & Pasi Sahlberg (read more)

9:30-10:40 – The People of Arizona vs. The Koch Brothers: Fighting Privatization and Dark Money with Beth Lewis and Sharon Kirsch (read more)

10:50-12:00 – Outsourcing the Classroom to Ed Tech & Machine-learning: Why Parents & Teachers Should Resist with Peter Greene, Leonie Haimson and Audrey Watters (read more)

12:30-1:20 – Teachers in Action: A Conversation with Teacher Leaders with Michelle Gunderson, Petia Edison, Rebecca Garelli and Alex Orozco (read more)

2:40-3:50 – Fighting Privatization in Puerto Rico with Edwin Morales Laboy, Mercedes Martinez, Aixa Rodriguez and Kaliris Salas (read <a href="”>more)

4:00-5:10 – Grading the States: The NPE/Schott School Privatization Report Card with Derek Black, Carol Burris and Tanya Clay House (read more)

5:20-6:00 – Helen Gym: Victories for Public Education in Philadelphia (read more)


8:15-9:25 – #WeChoose Campaign; Building a Multi-Racial Visionary National Campaign Rooted in Racial Justice and Local Realities with Jitu Brown, Elzora Cleveland, Ronsha Dickerson, Angel Gober, Kamua Kepheru and Maulana Tolbert (read more)

10:00-10:45 – Jesse Hagopian: Black Lives Matter at School (read more)

10:55-12:05 – The Racist Origins of Standardized Testing and the Racist Idea of Black/Brown Inferiority with Erika Strauss Chavarria, Denisha Jones and Marla Kilfoyle (read more)

12:15-12:35 – Call to Action

12:45-2:00 – NAACP President, Derrick Johnson (read more)

We hope you’ll “join” us this weekend on Facebook live!