If you plan to come to the Network for Public Education annual conference in Indianapolis, please be assured that the Marriott is not on strike there.

Several people have written to ask about this.

None of us want to cross a picket line.

I asked Randi Weingarten and this was her advice:

“Good news, they aren’t on strike at the one in Indianapolis so there is no picket line. That’s good.

“There are several things the NPE folks can do, however. The first is to not accept Marriott’s so called “Green Choice” program. Marriott asks guests if they want to be “green” by not having housekeeping attend to a guest’s room – meaning no cleaning and no clean towels. This is a huge issue for UNITE HERE. It makes doing the laundry more difficult and unsafe, reduces steady work and makes cleaning at the end of a guest’s stay much more difficult. So NPE can either tell the hotel not to offer it to their conference participants or tell those coming to the conference not to accept the Green Choice option.”

We will make clear to the hotel that we support striking workers. As a guest, please make sure that you do not accept the offer to “go green” for the reasons stated above.

I will be in Louisville Thursday night for a rally against state takeover of the schools.

See you in Indianapolis for the best conference ever!