Milwaukee has been a target for the privatization movement for years. First, the legislature imposed vouchers, without bothering to ask for a vote by the local population. Then it imposed charter schools. Meanwhile, as funds flowed out of the public schools, student performance stagnated in all three sectors. All the miracles of “choice” turned out to be “mirages,” not “miracles.” Today, nearly 30 years after the arrival of choice, the public sector is competing with the other two sectors, and there has been no benefit to students. In fact, Milwaukee is one of the lowest performing districts in the nation on the NAEP tests. No boats were lifted.

In a few weeks, the people of Milwaukee will have the chance to elect a leader of the Resistance to the city school board: Bob Peterson.

Bob taught fifth grade for nearly 30 years in the Milwaukee public schools. He is a past president of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association.

There is no one running for the school board in Milwaukee who is as well-informed, as principled, and as dedicated as Bob Peterson.

To learn more, please check out his Facebook page, if you are a member of FB.

I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy and urge you to vote for him.