This is true chutzpah.

Purdue Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer and marketer of opioids, has won a patent for treating opioid addiction.

The Sackler family became multibillionaires pushing opioids. They have their names on museums in many countries. Opioid addiction was responsible for 72,000 deaths last year. Altogether more than 300,000 people have died from opioid addiction.

Now they will make more millions or billions selling a treatment for the addiction they promoted.

Did you know that the Sackler family is one of the biggest donors to charter schools?

Jonathan Sackler founded CONNCan. Then 50CAN. His daughter Madeline Sackler made a fawning documentary about Eva Moskowitz called “The Lottery.”

The nefarious role of their company is described in a new book called DOPESICK: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America. I am in the middle of reading it now. It’s shocking and maddening. Purdue encouraged doctors to prescribe Oxycontin as a painkiller with very little likelihood of addiction. They paid thousands of salesmen big bonuses to push the pills. The book tells the horrifying stories of the families destroyed by Purdue, seen the vantage point of from Appalachia.

Will families sue the Sacklers for their suffering and hold them accountable?

I wonder how it feels to know that your luxury, your homes and limousines and caviar, were purchased with so many deaths.

Do these people have no sense of shame. Do ghouls flit around their dinner tables and disturb their sleep?